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Tourist Attraction Branding

Place   Branding for a tourist attraction:

Choose an internationally known tourist   attraction (that is not from your home country) that is a high value brand   and has an on-line presence. This may include non-profit organisations such   as museums, art galleries etc, or governmental organisations as well as private   companies and corporations. Visit their websites and social media and assess   how they are signalling their offer. Consider the brand as a symbol, the   brand as a product/service and the brand as a person. Develop a long list of   attributes related to the brand, not the web site.

Critically evaluate their positioning strategies   and offer recommendations to these companies/organisations. 

Structure of the assignment 

1. Executive summary- summarise the key   issues raised in the report.

2. Selection of the attraction. Explain   your choice and any judgements which helped you make this choice.

3. The positioning of the services as   presented on the website and social media. The various dimensions of   positioning should include symbol, product/service and personality   characteristics. You should also discuss brand architecture, the brand depth   and width or any other aspects of their brand strategy that you feel is   relevant. 

4. Analyse the positioning of the   selected attraction within the market place. You are expected to use relevant   diagrams, tools and models to illustrate your views on how the attraction is   positioned and why it is positioned in this way. 

5. Provide feedback in your report to   the attraction. Discuss issues such as targeting specific groups of   customers, changes which could be beneficial for the site and any other   challenges related to the image that is identified during contact with the   website. Remember to consider the positioning or, re-positioning of the brand   to create maximum value for the various stakeholders.

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