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Tourism but more specifically Ecotourism

Tourism but more specifically Ecotourism

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First choose ONLY either from Canada, Alaska, Antarctica or a country from Europe, South America or Africa that may attract the “hard” ecotourist.(you cannot choose any other destination only from what is written). Please note that Report must contain a variety of photographs, diagrams, maps, charts and tables, each with an appropriate title and in text reference. IN TEXT referencing is also required. This is paper is worth 40% so it must be done well. The instructions are:

The first, Part One (approximately 1500 words)should describe the tourism industry there generally, provide an overview of the tourists who visit, then briefly outline its main attractions and activities. Here you must also discuss the differences between mass tourism and ecotourism. Also little about ecotourism in the destination.

In Part Two (approximately 2500 words) of this assignment, you should investigate the elements of nature based tourism, ecotourism, wildlife tourism, geotourism and cultural and heritage tourism. Include an account of the main attractions and activities in more detail in this section as though you were responsible for marketing the destination to ecotourists.

Finally identify the challenges and future opportunities to develop ecotourism in the destination.

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