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Topic: Write a case study of an enterprising business that has shown significant innovation in its product or service offering and to identify the associated elements of enterprise and entrepreneurship: GoPro

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***Maximum 1500 excluding tables, diagrams, appendices and references***
used GoPro as my innovative company and shown how they have been innovative through their products but have also now wrapped a service around their products to provide extra value to the customer – giving them competitive advantage.

1. The aim is to produce a concise summary of the business focus and background – mainly all facts and figures like market share, company worth, graphs etc.

2. Then to outline the competitive environment in which the company operates – indirect competitors like canon, kodak and direct ones like sony

3. To identify the innovative approaches evident in the evolution of the company and describe its innovative product or service – i thought it was radical innovation

4. Relate the innovations identified in the company to specific entrepreneurial theories or strategies(for example, you might consider the management and leadership – Woodman was very passionate and had clear vision, or the finance or franchising

5. Provide evidence of how the corporate social responsibility strategy has influenced the development of the innovative product or service

More emphasis should be given on points 3 and 4

Then I have to do a SimVenture appendix – but i dont know if you would have heard of that, so please let me know if i need to do that bit?

Please could you make sure Porter’s five forces, the six competitive advantages, a SWOT analysis and 3 elements from the business canvas model are definitely there and concise (im really bad at being concise) also I really, really really would love a first! I have attached the mark scheme, and if you could help me get a first that would be amazing Thank you so much by the way, you really are a lifesaver (sorry about the short time span) Please let me know if you need any more documentation My tutor said focus needs to be more on journals and books but i was struggling a bit with that

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