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Topic: What impact has proposition 215 “The Compassionate Use Act of 1996” had on marijuana use in California?

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A Research Project Proposal 6-10 pages APA, 6th edition Due: Week 8, Saturday by midnight You are provided an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the research planning process. You will select a public issue, program or policy of interest to you and develop a plan to conduct the research. Students are not conducting the research. Students are only designing the research plan/creating a proposal. No field research is authorized/required by/with this assignment. You will “scope” out the issue, craft a research question, development appropriate measures for use, development a strategy for measuring, sketch out a research design, review sampling, and data collection strategy. You will include one draft of a data collection instrument. This proposal may take the form of a program evaluation (does the ABC Juvenile Diversion Program work or give us what was promised), it may be a proposal that seeks to understand sentiment in a community about a topic; there is some latitude here. What is important is that it must be a proposal that is reasonable, and based in real-world. More examples include: • MPA student performance after graduation, • The existence of “Public Service Motivation,” • Cost effectiveness of privatizing a government function, • ….the ideas in PA are nearly endless…..
Included must be: Introduction • Background of the Problem • Problem Statement • Purposes of the Research Study • The Research Question • Scope & Delimitations of the Study • Definitions of Terms (as needed) Review of Literature • May take the form of an annotated bibliography, and does not have to be exhaustive, but appropriately tight in subject Methodology • Introduction • Research Design • Procedures for Data Collection o Including a discussion on where the data/information is expected to be found/located.

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