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Topic: Unit VIII

Order DescriptionTrace the evolution of your profession (or another chosen profession), field of study, or branch of service, starting in the
Cold War era and continuing all the way to the present, globalized world.
As you begin gathering research, make sure to consider important social, political, and economic movements, as well as
Civil Rights struggles, that have impacted the profession you chose to write about.
You must include, but are not limited to, the following, and how they impact your chosen profession, field of study, or
branch of service:
? major themes from Cold War era;
? themes or movements of the Civil Rights era; and
? challenges and opportunities of the present, globalized economy, including the realms of terrorism and
technological progress.
Your final product should be a minimum of one page in length. You are required to use a minimum of two reputable
sources, which must be cited and referenced in APA style, one of which must come from the America: History and Life
with Full Text database located within the CSU Online Library.
Encyclopedias (online or print), message boards, or any source that can be amended without educated review, such as
Wikipedia, are not considered appropriate.

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