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Topic: the tribe

Order Description
Analyse some of the literary techniques that it employs. These may include narrative style and structure; narrative voice; and characterisation. Students may also wish to comment (where appropriate) on the use of metaphor, allusion, irony and/or intertextuality within the extract.

Teacher comments
Although you have considered the set passage paragraph by paragraph, your analysis of what occurs is fairly basic at best and there is little attempt to contextualise the passage into the book as a whole. My main concern however is with your written English. There are too many problems in that area for me to go over here adequately, and I believe you need assistance (which I shall request) with that aspect of your work

Please ensure you answer the question properly. It is not simply a matter of recounting what happens paragraph by paragraph – you need to interpret and place the set passage in the context of the book as a whole, its characters, concerns and themes.

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