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Topic: The evolution of the representations of women in American Literature

Order DescriptionTopic:
Trace the evolution of representations of women in American Literature. How have those representations changed over time?

1) You are required to use 3 sources from your textbook that shall include stories you have read throughout the semester. (I have provided PDF copies – See below)

2) You are required to use 4-6 secondary academic sources to support your topic.(Please be sure that these sources are easily accessible by me, the person ordering the paper.)

Notes to the writer:
I have provided a pdf copy of all REQUIRED sources from our textbook, but please see below to know which chapters to use, as my textbook only contained certain chapters of each story.

Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” – Full story, Chapters 1 through 4 of Henry James’ “Daisy Miller”, and CHAPTERS 1 and 3 of Theodore Drieser’s “Sister Carrie.”

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