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Topic: SPSS

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For this assignment you have to use the attached output:
It’s a multiple regression involving grandmothers who are the primary caregivers for their grandchildren.

ImpCESDTot = grandmother depression
Aged Age in years = grandmother age
ImpOASISTot = grandmother anxiety
SDQ Prosocial = Grandchild good behavior
Sf12HealthReport = grandmother health

For each of these variables, higher numbers mean more of the construct (higher depression, etc.)

In your write up describe what test you are using and why, also be sure to describe, test, and explain the appropriate assumptions for your test based on your reading from the text (there are 4 main ones usually)

Also, you have to follow this format
Introduction – Describe the sample, what test you will be doing, and what the test means/does.

Methods – Describe your variables (what is the scale range, meaning, etc., levels of grouping variable)

Descriptive Table/s – Descriptive from the independent and dependent variables copied from SPSS

Interpretation of descriptive tables

Restate your test and what it will be doing

Important test tables – keep it simple, do not repeat information that was presented in your descriptive tables, only include tables that you explain in the following text.

Results – description of test results – include group means for comparison if necessary, significance values

Discussion – Explain the conclusions of your test to the reader. Include a “take away” message or interpretation.

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