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Topic: Seoul (see a order description)

Order DescriptionTask:
In this assessment item you are required to apply the concepts covered in Market and Marketing, Impact of tourism and events and Sustainability to the same destination (Seoul)!

***The topics covered in concepts are:
• Markets and marketing (Plog’s psychographic typology, Market segments (and segmentation), Destination choice and selection, Maslow’s theory of needs and its importance for motivations to
• Impact of tourism and events (Economic integration and diversification, Employment (direct and indirect), Regional development, Formal and informal sectors, Economic costs)
• Sustainability (financially / economically, socially and environmentally)

You need to support your views with references to the tourism research literature, in particular recent (2000 – 2015) research articles on this topic; In particular, you need to read and refer to at least 3 tourism research journal articles in addition to academic books and other sources. Ensure you reference correctly (both in text and by providing a bibliography).

In this essay, you need to set up destination, Seoul.

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