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Topic: Reflective Portfolio

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Part A – Reflective Portfolio (50% of the overall grade)

The Reflective Portfolio consists of a range of personal and critical reflections of the activities undertaken within the module and the literature that you have used to improve a SINGLE skill or learning need.
This course work should be 2000-2500 words in length and may contain diagrams, tables, images, or extracts of material that you have read, or of activities that you have engaged in
However and N.B., your portfolio SHOULD NOT just merely be a collection of descriptions / narrative of the activities that you have undertaken. Neither should it just be a collection of journal papers that you have read. The key words that describe the requirements for this assessment at Master’s level are – “Critical Reflection”.
Critical reflection involves an evaluation of the activities, where you are comparing and contrasting your view(s) or assumptions with recognised academic principles, views and ideas to substantiate your observations and reflections, (i.e. turning personal assumptions into objective and justified conclusions).

• In this part of the assessment, it might be useful to have identified with and conducted the Honey & Mumford LSQ and / or reflected behind its principles and compared learning cycle with that of Kolb’s perhaps? These recognised ‘learning principles / models’, can help your critical reflection in the portfolio overall and why the Honey & Mumford LSQ has been included as a tutorial / self-study task.

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