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Topic: Operations Management – Consumer electronics in UAE

Order DescriptionOperations Management – Prepare a case study (on your own words) regarding a (consumer electronics) (in UAE) which analyses the operational strategies in terms of it product and service offering COVERING under the following headings:

• Introduction
• Corporate Vision
• Global Strategic Objectives
• Order Qualifiers and Order Winners
• Core Competencies
• Value Chain
• Product Chain using Porters Model

Instructions to follow:
• Plagiarism will be applied (Turnitin), copied allowed for 5% only.
• You must show evidence of research for this assignment. It is recommended that you use journal articles, newspapers/magazines, websites and books. In doing so acknowledge all sources of any facts and ideas which are not your own.
• Your case study should be formatted correctly with the headlines, tables and the body.
• Your writing should be professional, error-free, and conform to appropriate rules of English.
NOTE: (The words count should not including the words on the references)

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