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Topic: Nurse Incivility in the Workforce

Order Description
The leadership paper is a 7-8 page (excluding title page and reference list) typed or keyboarded paper. The paper shall be written in accordance with APA requirements.
1. Keep the title of the paper simple and indicative of what the paper is about.
2. Introduction-The introduction is where you justify the significance of the topic and clearly state the purpose of your paper. This will be no longer than 1-2 paragraphs. Be sure to include a thesis statement.
3. Review of the Literature. This will contain the main content of your paper. This is where you will describe your topic, what others have said about it, what research has been done, and how it applies to you professionally. Be sure that you use a variety of original references for your paper, including books, journal articles, and research articles. Use no books older than 10 years ago and no articles older than 5 years ago.
4. Conclusion- Summarize what you have said and describe how you will apply that leadership or management in your future work lace.
5. Reference Page- Follow APA guidelines. You should have at least 8 references. Make sure that references in the reference list are cited in the paper.
6. Headings- Use headings to identify key elements of your paper. Since the paper, you will need only 2 levels of headings. See your APA manual for your appropriate format.
7. Spelling, Grammar, Font, Length- The paper is to be constructed using proper grammar, correct spelling, a Times New Roman 12 font, 1″ inch margins and no more than 8-10 pages excluding the Title and Reference page.

Format of Paper
1. Title of Paper
2. Introduction with a thesis statement
3. Body of Paper (Review of key literature related to concept of issue)
4. Summary and conclusion
5. Reference List

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