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Topic: North Korea case study

Order DescriptionThe case study should be about a North Korea of crisis situation or an emerging situation.

if you intend to research on a possible upcoming situation you should be careful that evidence based information is there.

Area, conflicts, subjects (economic, political, social) reflections on national and economic impacts. Natural disaster areas and zones, warzones and war conflicts. Examples:

do not forget some of the following steps.

1. The pre-crisis methodology, management, installations, infrastructure, what is the position of the state in such situations

2. During the crisis we asses and evaluate the procedures.

Time reactions, methodology, procedures, guidance, government reactions and rescue organizations,

You are to evaluate the facts and figures, the management procedures, including the location of the area, the strategic planning what went right what went wrong.

processes and national reaction to the issue

then the international reaction to the methodologies.

After crisis follows the following steps:

1. the analysis from the facts and figures, timings and location of the crisis

2. The lessons that are learned from the facts and figures but also the analysis

3. the proposals and recommendations that you suggest as an area.

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