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Topic: my volunteer experience

Order Description
The paper is based on the tax volunteer prepare experience. you have to include the following 5 points in the paper. i will provide the idea for the first two , using your creation to finish rest of the questions.

The points that you MUST include in paper-

1. What prompted you to participate in the VITA(volunteer as tax preparer) program? Your initial thoughts about the program, the training and the certification process.

2. Your VITA site(s)- Why you chose the site(s) you did and what the environment was like – such as the number of tax return preparers, site managers, clients waiting and other items you noticed at the site.
3. Types of returns you performed – any unusual items or surprising items you ran into while volunteering. What were your thoughts on dealing with unstructured problems where there were no “answers in the back of the book” to check yourself against.
4. Knowledge gained-professional-soft skills-technical-technological, is this the career that I want to pursue, how did I improve myself during this experience?

5. How the experience is aligned with my professional and career goals/ How this experience will assist me in the future

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