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Topic: Motivation at work

Order Description
This Reflective Journal has three parts: – The first part is”The concept of Motivation at work “. Explain and define the topic with correct references.
_ The second part is”Link to personal experience”. It should be about my experience which links to the topic, but I don’t have an experience regarding to the topic. You can writ about any experience.
*Note: I’m an engineer. I’ve lots of meetings with managers, contractors. I work with people from different countries(India, Philippines, Pakistan, USA …”. You can use this information to support the second part.
– The third part is “Lessens Learned” what I learned from this experience?
*Important note: the whole paper must be linked to the topic(explanation, experience and lessens learned).
*Important information: – You are required to take an event or issue from your working or private life and critically analysis it. – Your analysis will describe the issue or event and detail how it links to the concept discussed. You are then required to describe your learnings from completing the analysis. You must use academic referencing in your discussion of the concept

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