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Topic: Moreno Medical Center: Issues in Managed Care

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Access Moreno Medical Center (MMC).
Review the introduction videos and organizational charts.(Attachment)
Read the case study detailing key issues that have been identified at MMC.( Find the case study as attachment)
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you:
• Analyze MMC’s characteristics and organizational structure to determine how they could be affecting patient satisfaction in both positive and negative ways.
o Could reorganization help drive better patient outcomes?
o Does the current structure empower nurses to provide the best patient care possible?
• Analyze social and cultural aspects of MMC that could be exacerbating or helping resolve admission and discharge issues.
o Are the right individuals involved in the admission and discharge process or do roles and team dynamics contribute to the issue?
• Assess the responsibilities of MMC leaders and managers to act as change agents in mitigating the patient satisfaction issues.
o What actions have already been taken and what other actions would you suggest to make a greater impact?
• Analyze how delegation is contributing to or improving MMC’s issues.
• Analyze how MMC’s staffing and performance evaluations could help improve overall patient satisfaction.
Cite at least five peer-reviewed, scholarly reference that are less than five years old to support your assignment.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines, and include an APA-formatted reference page.

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