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Topic: Is free speech really free?

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Project Introduction:
In this project, you will work on expanding a position paper with research and transforming an
argumentative paper into a presentation format. Doing this project offers you the chance to practice
your research and writing skills and to be creative with using PowerPoint as another composition tool.
In addition to helping you with future academic work, these skills will serve you well in your professional
endeavors. Many jobs, in a range of fields, will ask you to give an opinion on a topic, research the topic,
and use logic, with examples to persuade others to your way of thinking. You may also be asked to
organize your research and thoughts and present to different audiences using a tool like PowerPoint.
The project consists of two parts, Project Part 1 and Project Part 2. You are required to submit the first
part in Week 5 and the second in Week 10.
Course Learning Objectives Covered:
? Use argument strategies, both traditional and consensual, to develop, communicate, and
defend a position in a variety of communication formats. ? Differentiate and evaluate competing arguments. ? Apply peer review and editing techniques. ? Analyze, organize, and synthesize information from both primary and secondary sources. ? Produce an annotated bibliography. ? Assess and implement rhetorical structures. ? Implement Toulmin’s Model as a tool for analyzing and constructing arguments. ? Apply standard writing conventions to research papers that evaluate the strengths,
weaknesses, risks, and benefits of competing perspectives and complex problems. ? Make a presentation of research findings.

Project Part Description/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation Criteria
Part 1
Assessment Preparation Checklist:
To prepare for this assessment: ? Read pages 95-98 in Chapter 3 in your textbook,
Perspectives on Argument. This reading explains the
rationale behind an Exploratory Paper and how to
write one. ? Review the student sample essay, “The Controversy
behind Barbie,” by Prisna Virasin on pages 1108-110
in your textbook.
Thesis Statement
Researching an issue is an important part of writing
persuasively. For this part of the project, you will write a
6-8 paragraph essay that explores several positions on an
issue of your choice. You may choose to work on a topic
given in this handout, or you may get your instructor’s
approval to work on a topic of your own. While this part
of the project does not require the use of citations and
references, you are STRONGLY encouraged to keep track
of source materials for when developing a bibliography for
the final project paper.
Write your essay using the following guidelines:
1. A paragraph that introduces the issue and gives some
context or background about the issue. 2. A second paragraph in which you analyze the rhetorical
situation – this may include the exigence or context for
You will be evaluated
based on the Project
Part 1 Rubric.
Project Part Description/Requirements of Project Part Evaluation Criteria
your issue, including what happened to make people
interested in it, and the individuals or groups of people
interested in this issue. 3. Follow with 2-3 body paragraphs in which you describe
several points of view on your issue. In each paragraph
explain the position, who holds that position, and what
reasons he/she/they have for holding their position. 4. A concluding paragraph in which you explain your
position based on your own reasoning. Offer your
thoughts on the issue, summarize your major points,
and leave the reader with something to consider in
relation to your position on the issue.
Submission Requirements: ? Submit your response in a Microsoft Word document
of the following specifications: o Font: Times New Roman; 12-point o Line Spacing: Double o Length: minimum of 6 paragraphs

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