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Topic: Group oral presentation

Order Description
Case study background
Karen Bailey is a 39 year old who was diagnosed with remitting Multiple Sclerosis 4 years ago.
Karen is married to Geoff, and they have 3 children aged 3, 5, and 9 years old respectively. They live in their own home which is spread across two levels. Geoff is Karen’s primary carer – Geoff is a partner is an accountancy firm which involves a large amount of interstate travel. He is often not able to get home before 7.00 PM of an evening.
Karen now needs to use a walking frame to maintain her level of ambulation and is finding it increasingly difficult to mobilise easily. Karen’s sister, Lisa lives nearby and visits often. Lisa is keen to be involved in looking after her sister; however Karen doesn’t want Lisa to see the extent of her condition or her lack of independence.
Karen continues to look after the children on a daily basis, however some afternoons Karen finds this more difficult than others. Karen is finding that it is harder and harder to remain positive about her changing condition.
Karen has always enjoyed reading, however due to deteriorating eyesight and weaker arm muscles, Karen is no longer able to focus on the text or hold the book. Lisa has arranged some talking books for Karen, however increasingly the concentration required to use these has become too tiring.
Geoff is struggling with the joint responsibilities of work and increasing role in Karen’s care. He goes into the office later in the morning after assisting her with a shower; however this results in him coming home later in the evening. He has indicated that he feels increasingly powerless in this situation and is concerned about what the future holds for them.

Significant issue of the oral presentation I’m doing:
– Disease course and progression of MS
500 words

Oral Presentation Marking Criteria
*Audience Engagement, Oratory Skill &Timing:
The presenter is confident with the material and utilises a variety methods eg: Q&A, role play, discussion to stimulate audience engagement, and to appeal to a variety of learning styles. The presenter is able to adapt to respond to the needs of the audience. Voice modulation and vocal quality is excellent, there is appropriate use of oral language, and the meaning is clearly discernible by the audience. The duration of the presentation is within 10% of the allocated time limit.
* For this part I would only like to use question and answers as my audience engagement.

Content – evidence & examples:
The content is pertinent to the topic. High quality evidence and examples are presented.

Content: Critical Thinking, Reasoning and Evaluation of the Evidence:
There is evidence of both depth and breadth of reading. A considered argument is presented, and is supported by adequate and appropriate evidence.

Source & Referencing:
Credible and relevant references are used. Accurate use of APA referencing style in all instances. A range of in-text citations has been used.

*This has to go on a PowerPoint so could you please do the script and then write the headlines with dot points of main points of the script. (Needs to be between 3-4 slides long).*

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