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Topic: Graduate School Admission Essay

Order DescriptionThe Instructions from the MPH program I am applying to for an MPH in Environmental Health states the essay should answer the following questions.

500 word essay

1. Academic and/or professional preparation for a career in public health

2.Your focused interest in the degree program/department or MPH field of study to which you are applying (Environmental Health)

3. Career plans upon completion of the program

4. Reasons for interest in the school or program

I am applying for a scholarship program in the Navy that allows me to complete a Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Environmental Health to later serve as an Environmental Health Officer in the Navy.

I wrote an essay for the navy application but now it is too long to be used for my MPH admissions where the essay only has to be 500 words. Here I have attached my Navy essay, I just need help using this essay to write a shorter essay that covers the 4 points mentioned above.

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