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Topic: Gender Criticism/Studies

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Prepare a 5-10 page paper in which you analyze two texts; Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Everyday Use by Alice Walker. Be sure to begin by explaining the conventions of your theory’s perspective, and transition into an analysis that compares your two text selections in line with your theory’s approach. Please be sure to find outsides sources that support your claims about both your critical theory and each text. Sources must date back no further than 1980 and must fall into these categories:

2 critical peer-reviewed database articles supporting your analysis of the source material (1 per each text).
2 print sources relating to your chosen critical theory (book, magazine, or journal.)
2 web sources either about your critical theory or your selected texts (please do not utilize more than 2 web sources in the paper as a whole).
1 non-traditional or streaming media source (documentary, interview, movie, podcast, song, play, field research, etc.)
+2 texts you are doing your proposal on

ESSAYS MUST INCLUDE A THESIS STATEMENT AT THHE END OF THE INTRODUCTORY PARAGRAPH(essays missing a thesis statement will not receive higher that a C-).
All essays should be in proper MLA Manuscript Format and correctly site all source material both in-text and on a Works Cited page (at the end of the essay).
***Note: all source materials must be utilized in-text as well as cited on the Works Cited page.***
All essays must be between 5-10 pages in length, double spaced (page length not including the Works Cited page).
Essays should not utilize the 2nd Person Point of View, but rather utilize 1st or 3rd Person.

The theory i have chosen is gender criticism/study.
Attached I will have the readings, an idea of how i want my paper to be written out and 4/7 works cited. The three that will be needed are; 1 non-traditional(youtube/video) 2 per reviewed database article.

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