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Topic: Food management

Order Description
REPORT – using the Harper Adams Guide to Report Writing. Operate effectively in a commercial food industry environment and show evidence of achievement when improving activities in a functional area such as CUSTOMER SERVICE In a bakery. To be used Business improvement techniques such as Kaizen activities and visual management tools, Plan-Do-Check-Act, Five S, Jidoka and Poka Yoke, SMED and changeovers, and Total Productive Maintenance.
1. Introduction, Business improvement techniques: Lean manufacturing, continuous improvement and 5S.
2. Business Improvements
? Actual quality of customer service department
? Improved customer service department procedures in the bakery
3. Key Performance Indicators, (examples)
4. Recommendations
5. Conclusion

The report has to contain information regarding the quality of customer service provided in a bakery. The customers are not happy with the customer service provided as:
• the company does not have sufficient staff,(usually the commis chef is the one that assists customers over the phone and on the counter when the manager is not available)
• staff is not trained and not enough to cover all the work in the bakery
• the manager should assist customers but he is always busy with suppliers, organising the work and cannot assist customers(he does not have a counter assistant to help him)
• the manager is a real issue because he does not focus on customer satisfaction his main focus is on sales
• even though customers like company products they will not purchase and will retain in recommending them due to manager behave-he does not resolve complaint and issues occurred due to time constraint- he will not make sales to product or promotions
The report should mention that a survey was conducted to understand customer view and should contain the results. It should not contain the questions of the survey just results (customers not happy 50%…70%…)

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