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Topic: English in Drama: David Ives, “Sure Thing.”

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We’ll be attacking this week’s unit much like we did the last. I’ll ask that you take a view of David Ives’ “Sure Thing,” a brief play, and then to respond to several different methods of discussion that you yourself will provide.

The assignments for this unit are:

1. Read the materials in the Unit Six page.

2. Watch the several different versions of David Ives’ “Sure Thing.”

3. Take part in the student discussions as outlined on the Discussion Boards itself.

You all did fine last week in regards to “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead.” The play grew for me, leapt from the screen, the printed page, and took on some new dimensions. In a good class, you learn more about life and the philosophy that you yourself adopt to approach it, than you do about the printed page. In that light, last week provided a great class.

Yes, it ostensibly had to do with Stoppard’s play, but what the play got us to consider and to deliberate upon was moving and artfully handled. I thank you all for your honesty and the courage to put those ideas onto the page.

And now, it’s time to veer away from Shakespeare. This week we’re giving ourselves over to a rather fun play written by David Ives, “Sure Thing.” It’s only about ten minutes long, so I’m asking that you view several different renditions of it.

Just like last week, I ask that you view these renditions by Wednesday, and to provide discussion questions by midnight on that date. I’ll post the chosen questions no later than Friday, (more than likely early on Thursday; you will then be required to offer your responses to these questions as per the instructions noted on our Discussion Boards.

Video Links:
David Ives’ “Sure Thing,” can be found on the listed YouTube Sites. Please watch the following versions by Wednesday:
Version One: Part One:
Part Two:
Version Two:

Version Three:

Version Four:

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