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Topic: Education

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To complete this assignment you must have read and cited at least two of the following:
Bailey, R. (ed.) (2010) The Philosophy of Education: An Introduction. London: Continuum (any chapter)
Brighouse, H. (2006). On Education London: Routledge (ebook available in library)
Reiss, Michael, and John White. An aims-based curriculum: The significance of human flourishing for schools. IOE Press, 2013. (PDF on moodle site)
White, J. (2007). What Schools are for and Why. London: Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain. (PDF on moodle site)
You are now expected to use two of these texts AND to search for and use further suitable texts. Please look at the relevant section of the handbook/moodle site for some suggestions.
Please make sure that you are using mainly philosophical material

Some journals that you might find useful for your essays:

Journal of Philosophy of Education (JOPE)

Journal of Moral Education (this also has articles on other themes)

Ethics and Education

Studies in Philosophy and Education

Educational Theory

Theory and Research in Education

You are expected to prepare a simple bibliography correctly according to the university Harvard system

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