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Topic: Developmental crises…normal passageways of life.

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Erik Erikson viewed developmental crises (schemata) as normal throughout the lifespan. He proposed that each person experiences a crisis in each stage of his/her psychosocial development. The resolution, or the lack of resolution, of each crisis influences the person’s development. In the United States, 50% or more of marriages end in divorce. Developing a marital subsystem can be a crisis as identified by the 50% failure rate. With blended families, that challenge can be even greater with the creation of parental subsystems and sibling subsystems. As a crisis therapist, how would you intervene with a couple who were both married before and are now considering a divorce (this would be their second divorce each)? Each spouse brought in a child to the marriage and they have 2 children together. They have been married for 8 years. He appears detached, and she cries stating she “feels like a failure.” What are the steps you would take as a therapist to intervene in this situation (ABC Model)?

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