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Topic: Crisis Management Communication

Order Description
Course Name : Crisis Management Communication
This is the information provided by the professor:?
At the same time we will evaluate the course learning outcomes of your output, making sure that you have met and completed the course learning outcomes. ??Considering the above, please do the following steps.
Read the Syllabus to remind your selves of the Course Learning Outcomes.

Course Description:

This course focuses on the issues relevant to planning, development and execution of Crisis Management Communications programs for businesses, and organizations including public relations techniques for communication with stakeholders during a crisis

Course Learning Outcome:

* Understand the impact of crises on the community, the organization, & its stakeholders.?
* Demonstrate methods of diagnosing & resolving crisis situations. ?
* Create PR communications for segmented publics. ?
* Understand personal responses to crisis as influenced by knowledge, skills, abilities, and biases. ?
* Develop skills to resolve, minimize damage, or avoid chaos before, during and after a crisis. ?
* Understand the nature of organizational crises: origins, red flags, & preventative steps. ?
* Learn to forecast a crisis, isolate and manage its symptomatic precursors, and prioritize responses
Case Study:

The case study should be a country or an event, of crisis situation or an emerging situation.
Area, conflicts, subjects (economic, political, social) reflections on national and economic impacts. Natural disaster areas and zones, warzones and war conflicts.


” Choose one of those topics that you can find more information and you can do a great Case Study ”

Nigeria, Japan earthquake, Indonesia, Nagorno-Karabach (Armenia-Azerbaijan), Borders of Turkey. Refugee issue, Central African States, natural disasters, South American States, North or south pole, petrol prices.
1. The pre-crisis methodology, management, installations, infrastructure, what is the position of the state in such situations

2. During the crisis we asses and evaluate the procedures.

Time reactions, methodology, procedures, guidance, government reactions and rescue organizations,

You are to evaluate the facts and figures, the management procedures, including the location of the area, the strategic planning what went right what went wrong.

processes and national reaction to the issue

then the international reaction to the methodologies.

3. After crisis follows the following steps:

1. The analysis from the facts and figures, timings and location of the crisis

2. The lessons that are learned from the facts and figures but also the analysis

3. The proposals and recommendations that you suggest as an area.

Chicago style use as both references and citations. ??Please put all your references according to the Chicago style.
Cite your work inside the document. If necessary use footnotes. Make sure the work is yours at all times. The more information and reference you add to the paper the more value you add.

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