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Topic: Could tablet replaced labtops

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Nowadays, there is an extraordinary revolution in tablet devices like IPad, Microsoft Surface Pro, and Samsung Tab. The idea of computer tablets first appeared was in a science fiction film that was made in 1968.

Smart tablets will replace laptops and dominate the global market in the near future.
Body Paragraphs:

I. Portability: No matter where business or pleasure takes you, they can take a tablet with you.
A. thinner, lighter
B. great for entertaining the kids.
2. Functionality: tablets beat smartphones when it comes to being productive.
A. larger displays.
B. Tablet has the virtual keyboard, which uses up half the display.
3: Flexibility: A tablet sits somewhere between the smartphone and laptop in most areas.
A. more versatile.
B. A great e-book reader.

4: Advantages and disadvantages

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