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Topic: Contemporary Security Challenges: 2000 Word Essay

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There is no specific book for this Essay; You will find some information for this subject in this book “SECURITY STUDIES” by PAUL D. WILLIAMS”.

Contemporary Security Challenges: 2000 Word Essay
Answer one of the seven questions below. Be sure that your answer builds on the relevant readings and lectures from class but you should go beyond them.
1. What coercive tools are available to the United States to coerce China to stop the construction of artificial islands in the South China sea? Which would be the most effective, and precisely what will they achieve?
2. Should Australia seek a security alliance with Japan? What would be the costs and benefits of such an arrangement both now and in the future as Japan slowly remilitarises?
3. What caused the 2008 Russia-Georgia war? Given Russia’s recent annexation of Crimea, how can the United States and its allies prevent further wars between Russia and its adversaries in Ukraine and the Baltic States?
4. If North Korea developed nuclear weapons capable of targeting the United States, how, if at all, would this influence its foreign policies towards the United States, South Korea and elsewhere? What can and should the United States and its allies do to maintain stability and reduce the likelihood of conflict?
5. Violence in Iraq and Afghanistan has been ongoing for over a decade. Select one of these conflicts, and explain why it has not yet been resolved. What has caused the conflict to start and persist? What would be required for it to end? What is the best role for the Australian troops still deployed there, and what is the most that they can achieve?
6. What were the motivations behind the Paris 2015 and Brussels 2016 attacks? How can counterinsurgency efforts be revised, if at all, to stop further attacks?
7. The Syrian civil war has killed well over 250000 people and injured and displaced many more. Why have humanitarian intervention initiatives produced such limited results? How, if at all, should the Responsibility to Protect be reformed to save more lives in this conflict?
You should include an introduction that summarises your main argument, defines key terms and provides a roadmap of the remainder of the essay (c250 words), the main argument (c1250 words) and a conclusion (c500 words) that not only summarises your argument but specifies the policy implications and what the policies will achieve. Re the main body of the essay (c1250 words), always remember that mere summary of theory or cases will do little for you. You need to provide analysis that explains how and why something causes/influences something else and the relevant causal relationships to capture the mechanisms of the above dynamic security environments.
Please use at least 10 scholarly references (at least five must not be the course readings). Scholarly references are those in peer reviewed journals. Generally, blog posts, op-eds and similar analysis in newspapers and magazines like The Economist are not peer reviewed and should be treated with care. You need to provide references to any new theoretical and empirical claims that you make, and all references in the bibliography must be cited in the essay. The bibliography does not count towards the 2000 words.

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