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Topic: Contemporary Issues in International Human Resources

Order DescriptionDear sir Madam,

I am sending you the coursework for the HR module.
I have attached all the documents needed for this portfolio. The attachment contains the weekly module material (lecture slides, references and more). I would like to mention that within the slides there are also references that have to be used. The attachment also contain a folder called module information where you will find a copy of the assessment brief, the module guidance (which also has references that need to be used) and the academic journal quality guide.

1. Read every single documents and slides to identify the relevant references to each question

2. As you can see in the Assessment brief document. It is important that you debate and evaluate the mainstream and relevant critical perspectives; addressing the topics and debates that have been covered in the module. If you do point 1 properly you will be able to know which points need to be covered each question

3. You will also need to research and review the current literature within this area of knowledge and use the references for the debate. You have to make sure that the references you find are high ranked academic journal articles (the document “ABS Academic Journal Quality Guide List 2010 version” would explain what a high ranked academic level is) and up to date. The document called “7HR007 Module Guide” have recommended reading and a list of journals that need to be researched for relevant articles.

4. Each question needs at least 25-30 of these high ranked academic and recent references and please check the Performance descriptors within the assessment brief for you to understand the expectation. There is a compulsory textbook that has to be used: Dowling, P., Festing, M. And Engle, A. (2013) International HR management. Cengage Lerning.

5. There are 3 questions for this work (see assessment brief):
1. Analyse and critically evaluate the problems in using the cross cultural approach to International HR. (1500 words)
2. Critically review the issues highlighted in the published literature regarding female international workers. (1500 words)
3. Debate and synthesize the human rights issues with regard to employment in emerging and developing countries. (1500 words)

6. Each question has to have its own list of 30-40 or more references at the end the question. Once again make sure that majority of the references are recent (except if you find very well known authors older references such as Hofstede) and are of high academic standard.

7. It is obvious to say that each question needs a brief introduction and conclusion (be wary of the word limit though).
This is a master level work so the level of writing needs to be highly academic with ideas being debated, critically reviewed and supported by highly academic journals.

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