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Topic: Comparative Literary Review

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In the book review, you are supposed to discuss in a 1500 word paper two of our class readings: Jürgen Osterhammel’s and Niels P. Petersson’s Globalization. A Short History, in comparison with the second half of David Christian’s essay “This Fleeting World. An Overview of Human History” from the Berkshire Encyclopaedia of World History. Guiding questions should be how these two texts represent the emergence of the modern world. For this purpose you might also want to take into account questions such as Who are the authors? What are their respective approaches to Global History, what is their perspective, what is their argumentation (and what might be missing)? You will need to contextualize both texts within the field of Global History; the course bibliography will give you some first starting points where to being your research for this. – Please submit the review submitted electronically.
keep in mind that in all written assignments you have to give appropriate evidence for your arguments, i.e. correct footnoting and a bibliography (Chicago style). Keep in mind that the difference between an A (for excellent) and F (as for plagiarism) might be found in a footnote….

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