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Per Ch. 11, migration and the results of migration are visible everywhere. We need, however, to seek out a deeper understanding of what drives migration. According to Lechner, migration is a result of individual rational choice shaped by various “push” and “pull” environmental factors. Please provide some examples of how one or two of these “push” / “pull” factors influence migration to and from various countries.

Possibly Helpful Resources:

–Mourdoukoutas, P. (2011) Why China’s Rich Want to Immigrate to America. Forbes. September 11.

–Destination America. PBS.

– Why do people migrate? BBC.

You should feel encouraged to use outside sources, beyond the book, and those given above. Some of you may have personal experience of migration (or the experience may reside in family members). OK to interview family mambers or use your own personal experience, as appropriate.

Length: no more than 250 words.
comment on someone else’s remarks, but be certain to add some original content related to the assignment.

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