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Topic: Chronic Homelessness

Topic: Payments to Current and Retired Athletes for Concussions in the NFL

Order Description
The purpose of the final report is to provide a formal proposal of something that will benefit a company. The formal proposal attempts to persuade readers to accept a particular course of action, building off of the definition of a problem report and the feasibility report.

•Memo cover page
•Title page
•Table of contents
•List of figures
•Executive summary (single-spaced)
•Introduction with purpose statement (answer the questions on p. 431 thoroughly in the introduction)
•Discussion section: Problem, Solution, Context (answer the questions on p. 432 thoroughly in the discussion)
•Organize the report by subheadings relevant to the proposal
•Conclusion that ends memorably and reiterates main points
•APA references page

RESEARCH: A minimum of five (5) credible sources are required (course texts do not count)


· 8-10 pages (does not include memo, title page, table of contents, list of figures, or references page)

· Double-spaced (although proposals are sometimes single-spaced, this course will utilize double-spacing for the sake of consistency)

· Times New Roman, 12 pt. font

· 1 inch margins

· Page numbers

· In-text citations and references page in APA format

· A minimum of two (2) visual aids (at least one (1) table, graph, flow chart, timeline, or illustration created by student, and one (1) that can be inserted from a source with appropriate APA reference)

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