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Topic: (Choose 4 from the 6 topics)

Order Description
Writer should choose 4 topics from the 6 topics listed in the instructions. Each topic should have 1.5 pages, totally 6 pages.

There are 3 Sociological theory that you need to pick one as a view point: Structural-Functional paradigm, Social-Conflict paradigm and Symbolic-Interaction paradigm. You can use different paradigm for different topics.

The class is called “Social Problem”, the main problems we discussed in class are “Social Inequality”, “Racial and Ethinic Inequality”, “Gender Inequality”, “Aging and Inequality”, “Crime, Violence and Criminal Justice”, “Sexuality”, “Alcohol and other Drugs”, “Population and Global Inequality”, “Family Life”, “Education”, “Economy and Politics”, “Work and Workplace”, “Urban Life” and “War and Terrorism”. Be sure to use professonal terms in different topics. Check instructions documents to see which problem need to be use in that topic.

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