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Topic: Business In Emerging Market

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This assignment requires you to write a discursive essay (not a report). You should select one title from the list below. Essays should be structured around a clear thesis that has been developed in response to one of the academic debates you had read about in the course of doing your literature review. Your essay should cite at least eight academic authors. You should ensure that you cite the leading experts in your field and that you consider a broad spectrum of academic opinion.
1. Does the resource curse really exist?
2. Which of the BRIC economies has the corporate-governance system that is most likely to encourage foreign investment?
3. Have Western experts done more harm than good in the developing world? Are Chinese experts any better?
4. New technologies such as mobile banking and the BitCoin blockchain are disrupting financial institutions around the world. What are the implications of these financial technologies for societies in the developing world?

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