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Topic: Business game essay

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This assignment can be written as an essay or report.
My major is accounting and I worked under the finance section for this module. We were a group of 5 and each one needed to choose a section. We had 2 assignments 1) recorded a presentation but we did not have to present it in front of someone (I was in charge of the finance section and I gathered the group parts and organised the presentation) Got 81% 2) wrote a business plan (I did the finance section) Got 65% and this is the third assignment.
So, I need to write about how did this module developed me?

Learning Objectives Tested
? Demonstrate professional skills and abilities needed by managers, including problem solving and reflective practice.
? Apply (in a simulated environment) theories and techniques covered in first and second year modules. (Communication theory)
? Communicate effectively through different means: in writing (e.g. proposals), face-to-face (e.g. presentations) and by other means (e.g. e-mail).
? Work productively in diverse groups composed of students of different cultures, ethnic groups and genders.
Individual Reflection on Business Game:
This part is an account of how you have developed as you have worked through the module. The work should be introspective and analytical. In terms of content, your essay might:
? Summarise what you have learned
? Explain the value of what has been learned
? Explore how what you have learned can be used to support your personal and/or
professional goals
? Discuss how you can develop your learning and skills further
However, your essay can explore any topic connected with your experience of the module providing it remains introspective.
An important part of this assessment is about your ability to apply skills such as judgement, analysis and problem solving. As an example, you will need to make decisions about what
information to include, how to present it, and so on. You will also need to justify and explain your key decisions. This freedom is intended to support innovative thinking and you are encouraged to produce work you feel is original and inventive.
TIP: The essay must be written carefully and you should aim for as much depth as possible; vague, general material is unlikely to earn a great deal of credit.

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