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Using the plan that you developed in the previous assignment, describe your response to the following scenario in a 3 page document, using
APA format
, and ensure you include at least 5 unique reference citations.


You have just become building principal of a school that has a negative school climate, demoralized school “spirit”, and a deep distrust among the school’s personnel and students. Various personnel in your school remain confused and angry by staffing decisions made last year without input from teachers. The board of education and district superintendent has summarized and described this school’s problem to you as one of poor internal communication. Although it is true that most of the school’s problem is poor internal communication between and within the school’s internal publics, the strained relations between the board of education and district superintendent has substantially contributed tot school’s poor internal communication. You realize that you must institute in this school a strategic plan of improved internal communication. Describe in detail the strategic plan to improve internal communication you would devise, and explain how you will improve internal relations of the school’s personnel. Make sure that your response includes the following internal publics: certified teachers, students, building administration, non-instructional personnel, district superintendent and central

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