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Topic: Arbitration

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It has been stated that “Arbitration … gives the parties substantial autonomy and control over the process that will be used to resolve their disputes”. This is particularly important in [national or] international commercial arbitration because parties do not want to be subject to the jurisdiction of the other party’s court system. Each party fears the other party’s “home court advantage.”
Discuss this advantage for arbitration as an alternative dispute resolution with particular reference to the UAE Law.

1. Choose Times New Roman as a font type for your assignment. Use a font size which is at least 12 pt, and line spacing of at least 1.5.

2. The referencing style that should be followed is Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA). Further, you have to footnote every reference – you used – at the bottom of every page and include a bibliography list of references at the end of the assignment.

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