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Topic: Adult Development Life Path

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. No abstract or headings. No running header. I will do the cover page. So you will start with the introduction and then go in the body then conclusion n then the reference page. Reference page entries are single spaced with double space between entries. The citation of a paraphrase must include the page number. Please do not use you you’re and etc. I am allowed to use I, one, and etc. Grammar and mechanics is 15points.

Basically this paper is about me choosing two theories and applying it to life. the professor says there should be 3 to 4 paragraphs for each theory.
1st theory Pearlins theory (losing my mother and i learned how somethings will be out my control. life stills goes on, love is stronger than death, and memories are gold.) his theory he disagreed with life stages theories, individual will continue to change over their life course due to stresses in situations. life choices i turn to alcohol and smoking and eating a lot, lack of support, vulnerable, i end receiving help by my doctor going to counseling getting on medication. look at the whole situation as if my mom wouldn’t want me to go down hill and she would want me to live life to the fullest n to do what i need to do to survive in life and accomplish my goals. mood swing far as frustration depression aniexty, almost lost my job, less energy, not thinking clearly, neglecting important things in life far as my appearance when in public

2nd theory levinson (seasons of life)
Early Adult Transition graduating high school (independence, budgeting, becoming a young adult and taking more responsibilities, time management n so forth.

Adulthood Stage (graduating monroe community college and working full time) establishing goals to build life structure, choices for the future, mentor, dream of family, life, career, status)

Age 30 transition (going back to school for my bachelors and losing my grandmother and my boyfriend right before going back to school.) changes occur in life structure, slight change or severe and stressful mid life crisis

5 to 7 pages. well written broad introduction as well as thesis statement which should be the last sentence to transition to next paragraph. explain the theory, attach to life path, and examples

you can use any resource and make sure that it is cited and the number is at the end of paragraph or sentence I’m not sure. i am new to apa writing.

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