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Order Description
ou are required to prepare a well-structured, well-referenced analytical academic report (max 2500 words) on the case study:

E.J. SUITS: Developing a global fashion firm through an international production and sales network
(Taken from: Sydow, Jorg, Schuessler, Elke and Mueller-Seitz, Gordon (2016) Managing Inter-Organizational Relations: Debates and Cases. UK: Palgrave.)
Discuss critically E.J. SUITS’ development of a global fashion firm by examining their strategies and their decisions regarding the firm’s value chain, their selection of production partners and retailers, the supply chain and the opportunities and risks inherent in all aspects of their venture.



• Read the case study several times to make sure you have a good understanding of it.

• Evaluate the strategies the company adopts by using the questions at the end of the case study to assist your analysis. Please do not keep closely to the order of the questions but determine the structure for your report yourself.

• You will need to make use of models and tools discussed during the module to assist your analysis. Please remember to customize any models/tools you use to E.J. SUITS and place them in the appendix, referring the reader to the appendix from within the text.

• You will need to undertake some research, so remember to be critical of your sources and the models you use and to include references to these sources and models in the text.

• Make recommendations on suitable strategies the company might have followed and comment on whether any of the options you have evaluated above would have served the company better than the options they chose.

Submission Date: FRIDAY 6 MAY 2016
Please submit on Blackboard
Please do not put your name or student number on your work.

? The content of your work should show evidence of:
• research of academic sources
• a well-explained and logical structure
• a critical approach to your sources
• understanding of the concepts
• sound, well-rounded arguments
• attention to the brief (you must do what is asked)

? The presentation of your work will be assessed according to the following criteria:
• has appropriate format and headings.
• is written in an academic style and language.
• is appropriately referenced, using the Harvard Referencing System, both in the text and on the list of sources.
• avoids use of shortened verb forms, 1st/2nd person or colloquialisms/journalese.
• is free of errors of grammar, spelling and typography
• achieves a similarity score of 10% or less on Turnitin.

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