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Topic: A study of the cohesiveness of societies based on how diverse the population is

Order DescriptionAssignment: This paper is termed a “monograph”. A monograph can be considered a rigorous “think piece”. It should present a carefully supported and analytically sharp investigation of current political issue of national or international importance. Although the backbone of any good monograph is a clear and carefully-crafted line of argument, this argument must not stand alone. It must be supported with rigorous empirical evidence and analysis.

Only reliable sources must be used from journals, articles. etc. I will upload some of the sources I have found that I would like to be used as well. There should be at least 15 sources in all (more if you like).

I would like to compare different states in the international system and measure a number of factors to determine the “quality” of the society based on those factors. Compare highly homogeneous states like Japan, South Korea, Iceland, and Estonia with more diverse states such as USA, South Africa, and Indonesia. I would measure diversity by race, ethnicity, language, religion, and culture. Looking at the impacts of the migrant crisis in Europe should be used as valuable insight into this topic.

If you find data that suggests correlation in the form of a chart or graph that proves something , you can provide that in the text with explanations.

Instructions state that there is a free outline to be provided which is not part of the pages requested. I assume that the outline shall be written to follow the flow of the manner in which the paper is written and show the sources used.

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