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“to make it easier” for EMS personnel

What steps can you take “to make it easier” for EMS personnel and others to help you should an emergency
occur ?
What are “signs of an Emergency”?
Explain when to call 9-1-1 and what information to give the dispatcher. (there should be 7 items)
Describe standard precautions to take to prevent disease transmission when giving first aid.
Describe when to Activate the EMS system.
What are the Emergency Action Steps.
Explain the 4 steps to the “Checking the Scene” and explain how to “Check the Person”.
Explain “Call First or Care First”.
Explain the guidelines for “Care” of the Victim.
Scenario: ( 3 possible points) While driving along a quiet street, you come upon a car that has apparently just
collided with a tree. You stop behind the car and realize the driver is still in the car, seemingly alone. You have
a cell phone with you and your first impulse is to call 9-1-1.
What steps or actions should you do before calling 9-1-1?
What information should you have ready to give the emergency dispatcher once you call 9-1-1?