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To defend a killer

This assignment calls for you to watch the attached video “To defend a killer” and write a 2 – 3 full page reaction essay on the subject of the film connecting any “key concepts” of the material covered in your reading. Your job on this assignment is not to restate the action or be a critic of the video. One of the topics presented in this video concerns ethics within the criminal justice system. The topic of ethics was first introduced in Chapter 1; every chapter ends with a paragraph on “Ethical reflection”. The docudrama also sheds light on the functioning of the roles that defense attorneys, judges and prosecutors have on the execution of justice as covered in Chapters 7, 8 & 9. It can relate to anything covered in the course so far. The video is approximately 1 hour in length so give yourself enough time to watch the entire film. Please take notes so that you can make a connection with what is being said on the video and what the textbook articulates.