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Tinyville and Littletown

1. A population at any time ? can be estimated using the equation
where is the initial population, ? is the annual growth rate, and ? is the time in
years from now. Today, Tinyville and Littletown both have a population of 10,000
people. Tinyville’s yearly growth rate is 2.5% and Littletown’s yearly growth rate is
a. Which town will have the larger population after 5 years?
b. What equation can be used to find the approximate population of Littletown
after ? years?
c. What will be the approximate population of Tinyville in 10 years?
2. A town takes a census, or a count of its population, every 10 years. The town uses
the census to estimate the population’s gr;owth rate. The town’s population today is
42,000 people, and the 10-year growth rate is approximately 35%.
The town’s population, ?, can be estimated at any year ? using the
equation where is the current population and ? is the 10-year growth rate. What
will be the town’s approximate population 8 years from today?