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Timeline Paper

Timeline Paper
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create a timeline for each of the major tasks related to your doctoral dissertation described below. Indicate clearly what elements of this timeline you intend to achieve during the 12 weeks of this course. Be sure to factor in all the time needed for any review of your documents. Also, be sure to factor in the time needed for expected edits after each review and resubmission. Remember, you will be graded on adequate progress at the end of the course regarding the information that you present in this assignment.

1. The Topic, Brief Review of the Literature, Problem Statement, Purpose Statement, Research Questions and draft research plan approved by the dissertation chair
2. Concept Paper review and approval
3. Dissertation Proposal review and approval
4. Institutional Review Board Application review and approval
5. Collection, analysis, and presentation of research data
6. Dissertation Manuscript review and approval
7. Dissertation Oral Examination
8. Dissertation Manuscript publication

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