“They Say, I Say” Literature Analysis Method

Write an essay about the concept of equality in Emma Watson’s speech to the United Nations. In particular, you should consider how gender equality is viewed in the speech, and why it is considered important by the speaker. Your analysis should include the rhetorical appeals and devices discussed in class.

Emma’s speech link is here:

The ego, patho and logo’s instruction is here:

The Dashboard Analysis and Nursing Plan

After review of the quarterly Dashboard (insert dashboard link here), select one Quality Indicator that needs improvement. Thoroughly review the statistical data provided in the Dashboard and develop a nursing action plan based on best practices.
To prepare
• Review the Week Assignment Rubric, provided in the Course Information area.
• Review the Week 4 Resources that pertain to the NDNQI and use of dashboards
• Choose a Nurse-Sensitive Quality Indicator that needs improvement based on the data presented in the Dashboard. Include information on why this area was chosen.
• Develop a nursing plan that outlines suggestions on how to improve performance in the chosen area.
• Provide at least three best practices from evidenced-based literature to support your nursing plan.

The Assignment and the Instructions

Follow this guideline and answer the questions that follow.

• Draft a 3 page single space paper analyzing areas where there is good performance and areas of opportunity from the sample Dashboard.
• Analyze the data provided in the Dashboard and select an area of performance that needs improvement.
• Develop a nursing plan that includes suggestions on how to improve performance on the selected indicator. Each suggestion should be based on at least three best practices.

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