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Theory Report Instructions

You report pertains to our textbook, Theories of Public Administration. In this report, you are to identify one theory in this textbook you conclude will help you best frame the study of public administration in the MPA program. This means you must explain how this theory will help you understand public administration by identifying the unit of analysis, unit of observation, level of analysis, assumptions, and implications/expectations of this theory. Remember, there is no right or wrong theory in this approach. Only useful or less useful theories.

— Begin with the textbook, The Public Administration Theory Primer, third edition, by Frederickson et al.

— Explain one theory in your own words referencing the textbook and other sources you find in your research for this report. NOTE: when a school of thought includes various theories, pick one theory within this school of thought, research the scholarly literature for this theory, and explain it. So, you need to research this theory and use other sources to support your argument.