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Theories of Emotion Web Search

Visit three web sites that are linked from a search engine for Theories of Emotions + Psychology.

Find the SIMPLIEST, and shortest explaination for three of the theories and report this at the forum provided in the Discussion Board.  Be sure and provide the url so that others may visit the site as well.

2.( one page)

See if you can find a web site or sites which answer the following questions about human emotions (hint, you may type the questions right into a search engine)

What IS an emotion?  

Who is Robert Plutchik and what does his WHEEL tell us? (Plutchik’s web site will help with the next three questions)

Click here to access Plutchick’s wheel page.

What is the TOP DOWN and BOTTOM UP COMPONENTS of emotions.

How many basic emotions do humans have?

Do we have control over our emotions, or do our emotions control us?

3. (one page)

Bottom Up – Top Down of EMOTIONS

The Schachter and Singer Study seems to imply that there are TWO FACTOR (Theory)s and that they can be said to be BOTTOM UP, AND TOP DOWN.

Just what is Bottom Up ?

And what is Top Down?

How does Top Down relate to the Schachter study?

4. (2 pages)

Anorexia Nervosa Graded Paper

Type Anorexia Nervosa into a search engine and visit TWO or THREE web sites.  What do the web sites suggest as a MOTIVE for this disorder?

What do you think motivates a person to loose so much weight?  Why is this disorder seen almost exclusively in young women?

What would you suggest, or find a suggestion on one of the web sites, as an INTERVENTION STRATEGY for Anorexia Nervosa, and RELATE to a Motivational Theory.

Be sure and include a Works Cited page, and use APA style for any references that support your view points.

5. (one page)

Maslow’s Theory of Needs and Motivation

Go to 


And read some of the details and examples of Maslow’s Theory of Human Needs.

Then write an example of how each of the needs could be satisfied with real motivation and behavior for each of the five levels of motivaton.

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