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The War: Partisans

Quiet, Quiet / Shtiler, Shtiler

English Translation

Quiet, Quiet / Shtiler, Shtiler Lyrics – Shmerke Kaczerginski (1908 – 1954) Music – Alexander Tamir (1931 – ) –

Arranged by Joseph Giovinazzo ____________ Quiet, quiet, let’s be silent. Dead are growing here. They were planted by the tyrant, See their bloom appear. All the roads lead to Ponar now, There are no roads back, And our father too has vanished, And with him our luck. Still, my child, don’t cry, my jewel.

Tears no help commands, Our pain callous people Never understand. Seas and oceans have their order, Prison also has its border, But to our plight, There is no light, There is no light. * Spring has come, the earth receives her – But to us brings fall. And the day is filled with flowers, – To us darkness calls. Autumn leaves with gold are softened, – In us grow deep scars, And a mother somewhere orphaned – Her child – in Ponar. Now the river too is a prisoner – Is enmeshed in pain – While the blocks of ice tear through her, To the ocean strain. Still, things frozen melt, remember, And cold winds to warmth surrender – Future bring a smile – So calls your child, So calls your child. Quiet, quiet, wells grow stronger Deep within our hearts, Till the gates are there no longer, No sound must impart. Child, rejoice not, it’s your smiling That is not allowed. Let the foe encounter springtime As an autumn cloud. Let the good flow gently onward, Silent be and dream… Coming freedom brings your father, Slumber, child serene. As the river liberated, Springtime green is celebrated Kindle freedom’s light, It is your right, It is your right. * This verse is not in the recording but is included here to complete the original song lyrics.

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Dear students

 Here are the requirements for the Final paper assignment. It is very similar to the previous ones but longer still:

  1. Select two texts at least; either literary or scholarly, from any of the texts we’ve had in class, or from any other source if you can demonstrate its relevance to your paper.
  2. Describe the texts briefly- main arguments etc.
  3. Describe the context for each text briefly – who are the authors, when were they written etc.
  4. Explain in your own words:
    1. Your understanding of the texts in a way that will explain your choice of these texts 
      1. Your understanding of their relation to each other (similar, contradictory, in dialogue, etc.) 
  5. The assignment should be 6-10 pages long, Times New Roman font, 12pnt, normal margins etc.
  6. Make sure you use proper quotes; a bibliography and that you are not violating the college’s plagiarism guidelines.

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