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The Violence Against Women Act

The Violence Against Women Act

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a. Description: Based on what you learned about your issue and policies, explain what is your recommendation for improvement of your selected policy. (3pts) b. Rationale: Explain your rationale for the recommendation. Your explanation must integrate your selected theoretical framework stated in your first assignment). (3pts) c. Implementation: Explain how you plan to implement your recommendation. Make sure that it makes sense within the policy analysis confound. (3pts) d. Evaluation: Explain how you plan to evaluate the success of your implemented recommendation. (3pts) 12
Section VIII: Appendices: This is a requirement. You must include an appendix that strengthen your argument
Writing and APA: paper must demonstrate critical thinking skills, is well written free from grammatical errors, reads fluently, utilizes APA guidelines from the 6th edition 2nd printing, synthesizes peer reviewed articles and other reputable sources and includes reference page.

Absolutely NO WIKIPEDIA CITATIONS accepted and page limit was observed.

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