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The two companies to compare is DOD Dept of Defense and GOOGLE

2 slides
The two companies to compare is DOD Dept of Defense and GOOGLE

Create 2 slides Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with visuals and speaker notes outlining performance-based total compensation plans for two organizations. The organizations must be in different industries, have different employee groups, and utilize different pay strategies.

Include the following in your presentation:

Describe the pay strategies being used. Since the organizations have different employee groups, the key objectives for each group should be different.
Address how pay is used to drive organizational objectives. Include whether or not unions have a role in any of the pay strategies.
Assess direct and indirect reward plans available to two types of employee positions.
The total reward plans that are offered.
The similarities and differences that exist among the plans.
How well each organization’s reward plan supports expectations.
Determine which organization has better aligned pay and rewards with key objectives.
Use at least three APA-formatted sources.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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