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The Treaty of Versailles, along with other treaties

The Treaty of Versailles, along with other treaties, ended the Great War. Moreover, European states established the League of Nations to adjudicate disputes. The great destruction of the Great War however left a bitter legacy and the treaties created resentment, anger, and revanchism/irredentism. In what ways did the failures of both the treaties and the League aggravate the unresolved problems of the war?
Also crucial, the Russian Empire experienced two revolutions in 1917, the first of which ended the empire and the monarchy, and the second of which led to the rise of the Bolsheviks (Communists). What were the primary internal causes of the Russian Revolutions (March and November), and what role did the War play in these two revolutions?
Responses to the instructor’s questions should be at least 1-2 full paragraphs and demonstrate good understanding of the readings. Responses should also demonstrate that the student has read all prior postings by the instructor and other students. Repeated information does not receive any credit unless it is apparent by the timeline that it was posted at or near the same time as the other posting.

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